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Warningtext on the screen...

From: Paula Nicander
Subject: Warningtext on the screen...
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 09:43:21 +0200

Is it possible to get 'a2ps' to return a kind of warningtext on the
screen instead of sending the job to the printer?

Maybe I'm just stupied, but I couldn't find anything about it, when
looking around the source files. What I'm wanting to do is to get a2ps
to print a warningtext either on the screen or on a paper from the
For example:
"This is a swedish text use the option --print-anyway "
"This is a gif, use xv"
"This is a Microsoft Word document ... "

Is this possible to do?

I hope someone could help me...

//Paula Nicander

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