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Re: printer memory overflow

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: printer memory overflow
Date: 12 Oct 2000 17:08:22 +0200
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>>>>> "Janos" == Janos Zana <address@hidden> writes:

Janos> Dear friends, I am using a2ps from Debian potato by a Samba
Janos> server because the printer is attached to an MS Windows 98
Janos> machine. The printer is a HP laserjet IIIP built with 1 Mbyte
Janos> memory. (Non-postscipt printer.)

Janos> If I try to print this way: a2ps -1 somefile.txt -P someprinter
Janos> the printer says: "memory overflow error". I have to press the
Janos> ALT-continue button on the printer, and I get a wonderful
Janos> printout but missing lower part of the page. It can be found on
Janos> the next paper sheet. The setting of printer: A4 sheet and A4
Janos> job. The paper is A4.

Janos> My consumtion of paper is twice what would be needed. Please
Janos> tell me what to do?  János ... Budapest


I must say I'm a bit lost with your problem.  For instance you say the
printer is not PostScript, but you don't explain the technique you use
to convert a2ps' output, nor do you precise whether a2ps is the only
tool you have problems with.

Also, what encoding are you using?  If Latin 2, then it might happen
that a2ps' redefinition of the fonts (thanks Juliusz for Ogonkify :)
consumes too much memory.  But since I don't know how PostScript is
converted for your printer, maybe my comment does not apply.

Sorry I can't help you more.

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