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Shifting image, partial success.

From: Bob Camp
Subject: Shifting image, partial success.
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 12:38:13 GMT

Hi Folks

I have made some progress on getting the printing on the page.  My original
problem was that when printing with a2ps: The image appeared to be some
15mm (5/8") too low on the page, resulting in part of the printed border
being masked off.

I have made a kludge by use of the configuration file `a2ps.cfg'.  In
particular by changing the line:

# Medium: name, width height [llx lly urx ury]
Medium: A4       595     842


# Medium: name, width height [llx lly urx ury]
Medium: A4       595     842     24      16      571     768

This gets the whole image on the page by a mixture of scaling and
translation.  The output is now acceptable, however the solution is
compensating for some other problem.

A symptom of this problem is that the cropping rectangle is not positioned
centrally on the page.  When viewing the page in landscape this rectangle
is approximately 65 in from the lh paper edge and 14 from the rh edge (the
rhs probably being set by the printer itself: Its cropping rectangle being
around 18 from the lhs and 14 from the rhs).

The lly coordinate must be at least 16 to be inside the cropping rectangle
which seems to imply that the coordinate origin is approximately 49 points
in from the end of the paper.

Does anyone know how is this value set?

Many thanks.

   Cygnus Technical Consulting
   Analogue and Digital IC Design.

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