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question about -=book

From: xu kaihua
Subject: question about -=book
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 16:45:53 -0500

  I got a problem with print smell book,
is anyone can help me?

It seems with

a2ps  --sides=tumble  -=book   --medium=Letter a.pdf
There are aways few row missing on the left side of paper.

But with
a2ps --medium=Letter a.pdf, size is correct.( font are smell
than -=book, so I don't missing any row)

But I prefer smell book like.

Below is my configration.

 medium          = Letter, landscape
 page layout     = 2 x 1, rows first
 borders         = yes
 file alignment  = page
 interior margin = 0

Virtual pages:
 number lines         = no
 format               = 80 characters per line
 tabulation size      = 8
 non printable format = caret (i.e., `^C', `M-^C' etc.)

 magic number              = %!PS-Adobe-3.0
 Printer Description (PPD) = selected automatically
 default PPD               = level1
 page label format         = #{pl.short}
 number of copies          = 1
 sides per sheet           = Duplex
 page device definitions   = Tumble:false Duplex:true
 statusdict definitions    =
 page prefeed              = no


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