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Is a2ps 4.13 released?

From: David Starks-Browning
Subject: Is a2ps 4.13 released?
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 14:58:48 +0000

On  8 Feb 00, Akim Demaille writes:
> Hi People,
> I think a2ps 4.13 is ready.  Before sending an announcement to the
> world, I will leave it a couple of days on the ftp site, so that if
> there is something really wrong, it is not too wide spread.  This will
> leave me some time to upgrade the web pages.
> But I really think it is OK.  Dirk, if ever it could make it into
> Potato...  I have fix the grave eating-blank-lines bug reported by
> Rajeev Agrawala.  4.13 is the first to fix this bug.  I can fill in a
> bug report if needed.
>         ftp://ftp.enst.fr/pub/unix/a2ps/a2ps-4.13.tar.gz
> Enjoy it!
> Akim


Whatever happened to 4.13?  I thought it would have been "officially"
released, however, it does not appear at <ftp://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/a2ps/>.

Is this an oversight, or is it no longer distributed by ftp.gnu.org?
(Or rather, by it's plethora of mirror sites?)


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