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MarketProfile2001 ALERT - Subscriber Notification

From: nrgestock
Subject: MarketProfile2001 ALERT - Subscriber Notification wwvxj
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 16:18:35 +1100

Market Profile 2001 Profile

NuElectric Corporation - Trading Symbol OTCBB: NRGE
Shares Outstanding:    4.7 Mil
Est. Shares in Float:  1 Mil
Long Term Debt:        None
Recent Stock Price:    $1.03
52 Week Price Range:   $0.72 - 3.00

For more information, please visit http://www.cybersitebroker.com/nrge

**** News Flash ****

NuElectric Corporation Announces Milestones

Dec. 28, 2000 - NuElectric Corporation (OTCBB: NRGE), an incubator for new 
technologies that conserve energy and protect the environment is pleased to 
announce that the company achieved numerous milestones throughout the year 2000.

In March, the United States Patent Office issued patent #6,042,731 for the 
Company's Arsenic technology. The patent was issued with the University of 
South Florida as assignee. NuElectric's Clean Water Technologies division is 
the exclusive licensee for the process. "We believe that this patented 
technology will be the solution in assisting municipalities throughout the 
country in meeting future E.P.A. water standards," stated NuElectric President 
Laurie Scala.

In September, the Company acquired Zorax, Inc., holder of an exclusive 
worldwide license for a technology that extracts and identifies Cryptosporidium 
and Giardia, two waterbone parasites. This technology was invented by C.J. 
Shiff and T.K. Graczyk and is owned by John Hopkins University.

In November, NRGE stock was recommended by the KonLin Letter, a national 
newsletter with a 22 year track record. The KonLin Letter is published monthly 
and is a subscription based financial newsletter. For over twenty years, The 
KonLin Letter has specialized in technical and fundamental analysis and market 
timing of low priced stocks. According to the newsletter, the first objective 
for share price is up into the $4-$5 area with an ultimate target in the $9-$10 
dollar range.

"Water is undergoing a dramatic surge in demand and is capable of becoming the 
OIL of the 21st century as it is vitally important for human life," commented 
Konnie Kuhn, editor of The KonLin Letter.


Did you know that the EPA is about to dramatically lower the arsenic count in 
water? You may say, "well how in the world does this apply to me?" Well it 
does.  Almost everything that you deal with has some link to water in some way 
shape or form. Refining water will become more expensive and the products that 
you buy that depend on water will become more costly. Imagine a company that 
will be able to remove the necessary amounts of arsenic at a fraction of the 
cost that other companies charge.

NuElectric is a company that will do just that. A lady by the name of Dagmar 
Bonnin, developed an innovative, versatile, and less expensive process while 
working as a professor at the University of South Florida. Her technology will 
easily reduce the contamination to a much lower level specified by the 
government, thereby helping to maintain safe water supplies at an affordable 

Trace quantities of arsenic occur naturally in surface and groundwater supplies 
in many areas of the country; particularly in the Midwest. But that's not the 
major problem. Arsenic has many industrial uses, such as hardening of copper 
and lead alloys, pigmentation in paints and fireworks, and the manufacture of 
glass, cloth, and electrical semiconductors. In the past, it was also used in 
the production of agricultural pesticides including herbicides and 
insecticides, and in desiccants, wood preservatives, and feed additives. The 
runoff from these uses as well as the leaching of arsenic from waste generated 
by them has caused increased levels of soluble arsenic in the nation's water 

Once again, please visit http://www.cybersitebroker.com/nrge

If you no longer wish to receive our Free Newsletter please
visit http://www.cybersitebroker.com/nrge/remove.html

****** DISCLAIMER ******
This material is being provided by Market Profile 2001, an electronic 
newsletter paid by the issuer for publishing the information contained in this 
report. The principles of WSMG has paid a consideration of 10,000 free trading 
shares of common stock of NuElectric Corporation to Market Profile 2001 as 
payment for the publication of the information contained in this report. Market 
Profile 2001 and its affiliates have agreed not to sell the common stock 
received as payment for its services until Feb 12, 2001, which date is 15 days 
from the initial dissemination of this report. After such date, Market Profile 
2001 may sell such shares in spite of any historical, current or future report 
or information conveyed about such securities. Because Market Profile 2001 is 
paid for its services, there is an inherent conflict of interest in Market 
Profile 2001's statements and opinions and such statements and opinions cannot 
be considered independent. The information contained in this publi!
cation is for informational purposes only, and not to be construed as an offer 
to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy any security. Please be advised that 
NuElectric Corporation securities may not be available for sale to persons in 
certain states where NuElectric Corporation is not licensed to sell securities. 
Market Profile 2001 makes no representation or warranty relating to the 
validity of the facts presented nor does Market Profile 2001 represent or 
warrant that all material facts necessary to make an investment decision are 
presented above. All statements of opinions are those of Market Profile 2001. 
Market Profile 2001 relies exclusively on information gathered from public 
filings on featured companies, as well as, in certain circumstances, interviews 
conducted by Market Profile 2001 of management of featured companies. Investors 
should not rely solely on the information contained in this publication. 
Rather, investors should use the information contained in this pu!
blication as a starting point for conducting additional research on the 
featured companies in order to allow the investor to form his or her own 
opinion regarding the featured companies. Factual statements contained in this 
publication are made as of the date stated and they are subject to change 
without notice. Market Profile 2001 is not a registered investment adviser, 
broker or a dealer. Investment in the companies reviewed is speculative and 
extremely high-risk and may result in the loss of some or all of any investment 
made in NuElectric Corporation. Projections of future financial results are 
provided solely by NuElectric Corporation. No assurances are given that 
NuElectric Corporation will achieve said projections. This publication contains 
forward-looking statements that are subject to risk and uncertainties that 
could cause results to
 differ materially from those set forth in the forward-looking statements. 
These forward-looking statements represent the judgment of NuElectric 
Corporation as of the date of this publication. NuElectric Corporation 
disclaims any intent or obligation to update these forward-looking statements.

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