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For: line in postscript

From: Rajeev Agrawala
Subject: For: line in postscript
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 13:16:57 -0500


I am using a2ps version 4.13. In the postscript generated by a2ps, it
puts a line %%For: user. Is there a way to specify a different user than
the one who is running the command. The reason I am asking this is
because printers with job holding capacity use this name as the name of
the user for whom the job is held. And when a2ps is used with LPRng, as 
a filter to convert to postscript, all jobs seem to be held for user
daemon, as LPRng is running as daemon.

I am looking for some command line option like

Also, if there is a way to skip this header altogether, that will do my
job as well, because then I can insert a PJL statement to set the user.



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