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a2ps question: setpagedevice

From: Jason Brooks
Subject: a2ps question: setpagedevice
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 17:22:16 -0800
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I am completely new to postscript.  I am a system administrator and have
received a brand new rented canon imagerunner printer.

I wish to use the various features of the printer such as stapling, and
tray selections.  the problem I have is I cannot find how to enter these
on the command line.

I can modify the postscript being sent to the printer by pasting in the
setpagedevice command found in the printer's ppd file.  

example: (select paper from tray 2)
        currentpagedevice /InputAttributes get 2 get null ne
         {<</InputAttributes <</Priority [2 5 3 0 1 4]>> >>
          setpagedevice} if
This works now, but I would like to tell the command line something
like: "--setpagedevice=tray:2".  I even tried to detect what a2ps will
do, except a grep for "setpagedevice" in the source code gives me

reading through some of the archives tells me I ought to be able to
enter something like: "--setpagedevice=inputattributes:'[2 5 3 0 1 4]'". 
what -->should<-- I enter here?

We are currently using a set of filters (running on another print queue)
that inserts postscript on the fly similar to the above example.  I
would rather be able to define a Macro in the a2ps.cfg files to
reference that has a2ps set up the postscript correctly.  How do I do

Thank you for your help...



Jason Brooks ~ (503) 641-3440 x1861
      Direct ~ (503) 924-1861
System / Network Administrator 
Wind River Systems
8905 SW Nimbus ~ Suite 255      
Beaverton, Or 97008

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