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Running Off Page

From: Michael B. Allen
Subject: Running Off Page
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 03:46:31 -0500

The right-top of ps generated with a2ps 4.12 from text files and
e-mail are running of the right of the page by ~2mm and off the top by
~5mm. Media says Letter. A4 produces the right width but the top is way
off. I tried different filters but they seem to have no effect. Setup is:

Red Hat 6.2 - 2.2.17
HP LaserJet6L - directly connected to parallel
HP LaserJet 4 - dithered filter from printtool, other filters actually
print but no change in the ultimate problem.

I'm directing to a file and then viewing and printing from ghostview. I
tried changing dimentions in /etc/paper.config but no effect. I think
the ideal dimentions would be 595x792. Any way to set this explicitly?

Also, I cannot print directly to the printer:

$ a2ps main.c -1 -Plp

and lpr with and without a space between -P and lp[r] and it just creates
a file by that name in the current directory.


# This printcap is being created with printtool v.3.41
# Any changes made here manually will be lost if printtool
# is run later on.
# The presence of this header means that no printcap
# existed when printtool was run.
##PRINTTOOL3## LOCAL lj4dith 600x600 letter {} LaserJet4dither Default {}

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