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Meet us on Wine Alley

From: francois . xavier . bodin
Subject: Meet us on Wine Alley
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 16:22:29 +0200


I found your address on a site about wine and spirits, cigar and good living 
and I thought that you would be interested by the services that our site 

www.winealley.com is a virtual Club for all those interested in wine in both a 
professional and personal capacity.  You too can be among our 7085 members to 
receive our free weekly bulletin which commits you to nothing but presents an 
excellent overview of our site. 

We now have more than 4900 members, both amateur and in the trade who use our 
site to discuss wine, buy and sell it and tell us about the best sources. 

Club members use the Newsgroup of www.winealley.com to exchange information and 
experiences.  Only the other day someone asked how much a certain rare wine was 
worth, I asked for more information about the grape variety, which doesn't grow 
in France.  This week alone there have been more than 1019 questions and 

There are also for sale and wanted ads and a section giving the market value of 

Among the 14 ads placed this week there have been some really good deals 
including a magnum of 1945 Pichon Lalande and a 1947 Cheval blanc! 
We also provide a particularly useful service with our Wine Pricing Guide 
encompassing 4800 different wines and based on auction sales of 150000 lots 
sold worldwide.

Let me make it clear - www.winealley.com itself does not sell or buy wine: we 
simply offer our members the facilities for making their own arrangements. 

www.winealley.com is also a site supplying information in real time, 
particularly the latest news from winegrowers and makers via the French Press 
Agency (AFP).  We also have a database of more than 21,000 wines with 
information supplied directly to the site by winegrowerÂ’s co-operatives and 
specialist magazines. 

I should be delighted if you would come and join us.  At www.winealley.com you 
will find similarly-minded people who just want to share their love of wine. 

Kind regards

François Xavier Bodin, Manager of the Online Club 

PS. If you are not interested in my offer, please excuse this letter; I am 
sorry to have bothered you.  To prevent further unwanted intrusions please 
click on the following link; your email will be automatically removed from our 


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