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From: Bob van der Poel
Subject: Suggestions
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 10:46:44 -0700

Two suggestions to the maintainers:

1. Would it be possible to set the grey level for watermarks. The
default (I think it's .98) doesn't show at all on my printer. A level of
.94 works fine here. Maybe a 'water-level' option in the config file?

2. The %a escape assumes that one has a proper /etc/passwd file with the
GECOS filled in. If not, you get the cryptic "printed by" with no name.
I'd suggest that if you find a blank field you garb the $USER variable
from a shell, or just the user name from the passwd file. BTW, don't ask
how long it took me to figure out that it was the missing GECOS field
causing the problems with the header line...

Bob van der Poel ** Wynndel, British Columbia, CANADA **
EMAIL: address@hidden
WWW:   http://users.uniserve.com/~bvdpoel

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