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error in log file

From: Richard Zimmerman
Subject: error in log file
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 19:45:13 -0500

I am using a2ps 4.13 with ghostscript on my FreeBSD 4.2-release system.
I try to use lpr -Plp file and it doesn't work.  I looked in the log file
for the printer and it says:
a2ps gethostname cannot allocate memory
Error code 1 Stop

I'm not sure what this error means, I have plenty of memory free, and i
don't think i am having any problems with my hostname.  As the /etc/hosts
file is in order.  I am not sure what to do.

System is
Freebsd 4.2-release
printer HP laserjet series II  512k memory, running at 150*150dpi gs driver
pII 333  440bx board

if anyone has any information, i would appreciate it



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