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General style question

From: Frank Stefani
Subject: General style question
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 10:55:01 +0200

Hi all :-)

I'm Frank from Germany and I'm new to this list, though I used a2ps
transparently for years (well ... Linux does it for me ;-)

I think I understand the emphasizing capabilities of a2ps and the
concept of style sheets and prologues. My question is the following:
I want to emphasize a phrase in an ASCII text stream, perhaps in
a way as word processors do, e.g.

   ... this is a beautiful ASCII text and <strong>this</strong>
   should print with a different/emphasizing font ...

Everything between <strong> and </strong> should be printed in an
different font/color/shape/size or whatever. I don't need much,
just emphasizing a headline for some ASCII pages of output. There
are NO fix keywords at all.

Any help greatly appreciated, TIA,
    ____   ___    ___    Frank Stefani    | address@hidden
   /      /  |   /   \   EAD-Systeme GmbH | www.ead-systeme.de
  /---   /---|  /    /   Zugspitzstr. 8   | Phone +49 8821 9623-0
 /____  /    | /____/    D-82490 Farchant | Fax   +49 8821 9623-20

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