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map ^M to carriage return

From: JJ Warren
Subject: map ^M to carriage return
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 20:53:47 -0800 (PST)

  I am moving some servers from a homegrown postscript filter to a2ps.
The homegrown program allowed the (^M or \15 or \r) to actually do a
carriage return with out doing a newline.  It also allowed the (\b or ^H)
to do a backspace.  There are enough programs that do something like this
so that they can program an underline with an underscore _.  Why they just
didn't do the underline in the first place I do not know... :I

  Regardless it could be a reasonable request from my customers to go to
the beginning of the current line and print that line with different
characters and oversetting the old ones.  How can I map functionality like
that with a2ps?

   --end-of-line=n will make the ^M show up now
   -i will just print the other characters
       (don't want that - we like the ^L to do a form feed)

  There are even options to print out the octal, but where or where can I
say that ^M is a CR and not a CR+LF?

  Unix = solaris8
  a2ps version = 4.13

  Please help...
  thanks, JJ

     JJ Warren                              ADMIN 228
     Information Technology Services        (208) 885-2080
     Assistant Database Administrator

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