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Re: Scilab style sheet submission (fix)

From: marco
Subject: Re: Scilab style sheet submission (fix)
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 22:48:12 -0500
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> Is anybody reading this list? I send error reports about the website to 
> Akim but he did not answer. One thing you guys should _definitively_ do 
> is restrict write permissions to this list to subscribers and screen 
> submissions from anybody else. You seem to have much more spam than 
> discussion nowadays. I'm also not really happy writing to this list 

Yes, it's a bit of a pity, the a2ps development seems to
be rather slow. Not that it seems thay there's much to fix
(but looking into that watermark problem would be nice).

> since the archives include e-mail addresses in clear text. I already get 
> too much spam....

I actually hadn't noticed, but then again I don't notice
most of this stuff since I began using procmail...

> Anyway, thanks a lot for a nice tool. I use it daily.

I agree, it's really nice.

In the spirit of contributing something, I wrote a little
python script which wraps around a2ps to suit the purposes
of the math department at UofT. This requires sacrificing
a bit of the functionality of a2ps to make it easier for
people here to use (i.e. simpler options, backwards compatibility
with our older Print script, etc). It also provides the

1) Simple logging of print jobs (far from infallible, user
   is assumed to be trustworthy).
2) Can limit size of the job (our queues sometimes get
   stuck with large jobs).
3) Can easily change the output device using gs, e.g.
   to PCL. We're using this to downgrade the PS to level 1
   since PS l.2 emulation on our HP printers is rather flakey.

Anyway, it's just a quick hack, but it might be of use
to someone. I'm also linking to my a2ps-site.cfg since
it has some useful delegations to print (approximately)
RTF and MS Word docs under Unix.



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