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Re: Akim Demaille

From: Hans Ecke
Subject: Re: Akim Demaille
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001 12:13:30 -0700 (MST)


> I do need help, unfortunately I am not sure you can really help on
> this respect: the pages are hosted at my former school, and its sysadm
> will probably not make it easy.

I understand that. I'm a (part time) sysadmin myself and letting people 
in that are not part of my organization is not something I'd do lightly.
If he would agree I would of course only use secure technology, i.e. 

> Maybe you could point me to the most urgent things?

Okay, here comes what I found just by looking over things:

* when trying to go to the "NEWS" page from the a2ps homepage the link 
leads to a non-existing page

* going from the a2ps homepage to
and then clicking on "archive of the mailing list" leads to
which is incorrect.

* the mailing list allows mails from non-subscribers. This has lead in 
the past to many spam messages. Would it be possible to set up a system 
that messages from non-subscribers are sent to a moderator first who 
would forward them to the list if the are legit?

* the archives have e-mail addresses in clear text. This enables 
spammers to collect those. Thanks, but I already get enough spam as is 
(30 per day or so).

* several contributions are in the pipeline, at least from Ed and me and 
probably others. I understand you don't have time to formally 
incorporate them. But putting things on the "Contributions" page would 
be pretty easy, I think.

Generally the a2ps homepage has a slightly "abandoned" feel to it. 
Fixing just the above things will tide us over till you have more time 

Of course you have no obligation whatsoever to fix anything. The most 
important thing is that you are well. When you were nowhere to be found 
I already feared you being ill or dead or something.



Hans Ecke                    hans <at> ecke.ws/hans <at> acoustics.mines.edu
Department of Geophysics     http://hans.ecke.ws
Colorado School of Mines     Tel: (USA) 303-273-3733
Golden, Colorado             Fax: (USA) 303-273-3478

I've taken the trash out innumerable times,
I've taken the trash out in inclement climes,
I've taken the trash out 'cuz that's what I do,
But I *won't* take the trash out when you tell me to.
                    -- Larry Wall

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