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Forwarded: www.mightyafrica.com

From: Suzzette
Subject: Forwarded: www.mightyafrica.com
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2001 10:01:59 -0500

>> www.mightyafrica.com
>>Hi I am Suzzette Apondi, the webmistress at www.mightyafrica.com.
>>www.mightyafrica.com is a site that features private and social entertainment for matured >>adults. Should you be offended by such publications please do not read any further. Delete >> this email.
I am requesting your visit to my site. I would also like to wish you a wonderful Holiday.
Excellent photos are ever present at www.mightyafrica.com. Tonite, we have a special photo shoot featuring Tracy. Email me Sunday for samples of tonite's photo shoot.
Videos are shipping - Get a FREE 2hr Complimentary Video when u become a member -
Select any Video from www.mightyafrica.com and get 1000 Hardcore Ebony Photos on a Photo CD,  FREE
We ship Videos WORLDWIDE from Africa to Asia...
I hope you like my site, email me for samples address@hidden
(Hugs & Kisses)
"You may have received this message because someone has forwarded it to you"

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