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Re: A2PS.

From: David Starks-Browning
Subject: Re: A2PS.
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 11:10:44 +0000

Please keep replies on the list.

On Monday 4 Mar 02, Dr. Pastor writes:
> Thank you for your email!
> I am using a2ps since 1993.
> It worked even on NT. But on W2000 Prof.
> it does not load. ("Program to big to fit in memory." message is
> generated by those beautiful Microsoft people. 
> (I have 256M memory and 2G Pentium! and my a2ps 74K. !!!))
> So I decided to upgrade. Down loaded a2ps-4.13b from 
> gnuwin32.sourceforge.net but found nothing usable in the package.
> (Tried many tricks of course. No result.)
> Would you be kind to advise how to proceed?

If you got a2ps from gnuwin32.sourceforge.net then you should ask them
for support.  If their win32 port does not work for you, you cannot
expect us to debug it for you.


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