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Re: -P display

From: Graham Gough
Subject: Re: -P display
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 16:27:22 +0000

Thanks for the replies. It would appear that at least a couple of
people have been confused by my posting, so I'll try to make it

For a while now a2ps has had a virtual printer device called display,
which is used when you want to preview a2ps output rather than print
it. In fact, a2ps -h tells you

   To process the files `sample.ps' and `sample.html' and display the result,

    $ a2ps -P display sample.ps sample.html

The point of my posting was to say that this no longer works. Stephen
Dowdy's response has made it clear why. The relevant line in a2ps.cfg

#Printer: display | cat > #f0 && #{ghostview} #f0

Has been commented out. I'll try Stephen's suggested replacement

Thanks again


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