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Re: A2PS.

From: David Starks-Browning
Subject: Re: A2PS.
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 09:46:38 +0000

On Wednesday 13 Mar 02, Dr. Pastor writes:
> (With the received helps I am nearly there!)
> The latest:
> Using only sygwin provided utilities, without any editing
> I invoked: configure, make, make install.
> The resulting a2ps nearly works.
> I used the --list= TOPIC for all topics! (Brother!)
> But:
> Could not access my Lpt1 printer;

First make sure that you can generate PostScript output.  That's what
a2ps does.  Just put it in a file (e.g. redirect stdout).  Then get
GSview or something and look at it.  If it's PostScript then a2ps
works and you are done here.  Anything else is off-topic for

Printing from Cygwin is difficult.  You'll have to read the Cygwin FAQ
and mailing list archives.  I don't even bother, I just generate a
PostScript file and use GSview to print it.


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