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The Bitter Network Administrator

From: dougchick
Subject: The Bitter Network Administrator
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 20:34:35


The Network Administrator

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Feature Articles:
Are you choosing software for your company by what will look best on your resume? 
First thing I do when looking for software for my company is research all available software similar to our needs. Then I do a detailed comparative analysis, followed by a call to a list of satisfied customers supplied by the software company. After all, isn’t that what all Network Administrators do? Well, maybe not all...

Why wouldn’t Microsoft package it’s own computer like Apple?
I Read an article by Phillip Smith that raised an interesting question; Why wouldn’t Microsoft package it’s own computer like Apple or Sun, and stop selling it’s software to computer makers altogether? Microsoft could agree that they created a market that made them a monopoly and to add balance to the industry they would stop selling their product to computer makers and only use it in their own systems. 

Has Monitoring your Network Given you a God Complex? 
From your desk you can see who and when someone logs in, who and what e-mail they send and what websites that they frequently attend. Knowing this information can sometimes place you in difficult situations. You often ask yourself if you should interfere to help someone that you like, or don't like. See an e-mail that you know is damaging and wonder if you should stop or remove it completely. It's a very difficult position to be in and almost no one, short of other computer people know about it. So what do you do? I am now of the philosophy that, "Unless someone is in danger of being hurt--Stay out of it!"  
By Doug Chick

How many computer catalogs do companies think you need? 
On an average, I receive 5 computer accessories catalogs by mail, everyday. That’s 25 a week, 100 a month and 1200 an year. Now stacking 10 magazines on top of each other will give you an inch, and 1200 magazines will produce a stack 10 feet high. Let’s review: 5 magazines X 5 days  = 25 X 4 weeks = 100 X 12 months = 1200 magazines = a stack 10 feet high.

Who wants to be a Network Administrator?
Why are there so many people out there that are studying so hard to take your job away from you? Money. I was sitting in the movie theater with my wife last night and one of the ads on the screen before the movie started read: Be a Network Administrator and earn 87K a year. Well, two thumbs up again for those lying salary surveys. I don’t really think that those salary surveys are lying as much as I believe that there’s one network administrator out there that makes 47 millions dollars a year and is totally warping the salary curve.

Is your career dependant on the operating system that you support?

If suddenly one day, the president of your company announced that he just struck a deal to change all the servers operating systems in your company to “Serversoft” (trademark pending) what would you do exactly? Furthermore, what if your company started hiring people that were Serversoft certified, (trademark pending) that had no real life computer experience and were paid more than you? How likely is that to happen? Ask a Novell Administrator.

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