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missing borders !?

From: K. Posern
Subject: missing borders !?
Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 13:37:42 +0200


I found this question on the bug-a2ps mailinglist in Feb. 2001:

FROM: Damir Herman
DATE: 02/19/2001 20:25:57
SUBJECT:  out of paper printing + ugly output

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I have a problem which may seem standard but it is not.

I have red all the man pages I could possibly think of (a2ps, gs, gv)
and I still cannot resolve the problem.

The thing is that when I a2ps an ascii file it looks nice with gv but once
I print it out, the right margin disappears and the printer actually wants
to print over the side of the paper. My default is Letter (I checked that
more than once), even explicitly --medium=Letter does not do any better.
The fun part is that if I don't send the a2ps output to printer but save
it as a file and then ps2pdf that file to pdf, everything is fine, at
least as far the margins and placement are concerned.

So, I checked gs default and it is also Letter. I have no idea what to do
about the printer settings either, because my ps files generated using
LaTeX come out right.

Also, it seems as if there is no enough toner in the printer for the pages
generated with a2ps (which is kinda ugly). The same appears for the pdfs
generated from a2ps postscripts. However, reprints from the web come out
right from the same printer.

Do you have any ideas/suggestions?


But there was no answer on the list.

And 'cause I think I have exactly the same kind of problem I wanted to ask,
if someone has a clue WHAT to do (to get all borders around the 2 virtual
pages on the sheet printed on my laserjet 4l...)!!!

So here is my problem in detail:

I also had 2 borders (around the virtual pages (2 on 1 sheet)) missing (the
upper and the left one).

I printed to an ps file and viewed it with gv.

The problem is, that I have not found a way to CENTER the virtual pages!

No way what values I use for a self-defined medium, e.g.:

        Medium: A4mine          591     800  100  100  491  700
        Options: --medium=A4mine

The whole sheet SHOULD look like:
|                                        |
|     ______________       |
|     |                            |      |
|     |            2              |      |
|     |______________|      |
|     |                            |      |
|     |            1              |      |
|     |______________|      |
|                                        |
but instead it looks like:
|                                        |
|   ______________         |
|   |                            |       |
|   |           2               |       |
|   |______________|       |
|   |                            |       |
|   |           1               |       |
|   |______________|       |
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    <<< this should be a straigt line too ... ;-)

So the virtual sheets are positioned always AT the bottom of the sheet!
==> The left border of the first (1) virtual sheet (which is at the bottom
of the sheet) is never printed, because the border that way always OUT of
the printable area of my hp laserjet 4l...

And the left margin is always a BIT smaller than the right margin!
==> The borders at the top of the two virtual sheets (which are at the LEFT
side of the sheet) are NOT printed, if I use the normal
        Medium: A4

For me the numbers BEHIND the size of the medium, so e.g. 100 100 491 700,
whith the following medium-definition:

        Medium: A4mine          591     800  100  100  491  700

seem to do NOTHING at all?!?!?!

Is there anybody out there who might be able (and is willing) to help!?

Best regards,

K. Posern

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