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Can't Swim or Don't Swim??

From: larry
Subject: Can't Swim or Don't Swim??
Date: Sat, 11 May 2002 23:50:52 -0500


Dear Friend:

   Over 95% of adults do not swim. And most adults will not even admit it!  A non-swimming adult, who suffers a heart attack, stroke or other disabling affliction, which shuts down their normal form of exercise or recreation, usually will not participate in water therapy, even though it is recommended by their health professional.

   If you are a non-swimmer, not only are you missing out on many of life's great pleasures, but you may be jeopardizing your future health and fitness. If you can't swim, don't swim or are less than satisfied with your ability when you do swim, my book can be the beginning of a new appreciation of water activities (swimming and aquatics). 

   Please forward this message to friends and loved-ones on your mailing list. You may be
doing a great favor for someone you care about!

Thanks for your attention.
Lawrence F. Arnold
T/A the Water Werx 

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