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From: Invitation to Grand UniVerse
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 13:48:34 -0400

The Most Creative Minds in Theoretical Physics..
Burning Bright!


My Name is Michael Spirit and I have created a Website entitled

"The Grand UniVerse of Primary Consciousness"

        Grand UniVerse brings together some of the brightest minds on our planet in the fields of Theoretical Physics, Quantum Reality, Spirituality and Sociology into an interactive forum. Theorists the world over have published samples of their work at our site and have also joined the Grand Universe Webring, which features their Websites and complete Literary Works.

        Grand UniVerse is now embarking upon a publicity campaign where we will submit our Website and Webring, together with our Member Authors and Affiliate "Theory of Everything" Websites to the News Media, TV, Radio and other News Organizations several times per year to give our Members the greatest possible exposure of their Cutting Edge Literary Creations.

        You are invited to join the Grand UniVerse Webring and to also explore our Innovative Website and view the Latest and Greatest Works of the Theoretical Mind. Please visit The Grand UniVerse of Primary Consciousness at;


and discover a world of Aspiring New Authors expanding the horizons of Human Existence and Physical and Quantum Reality.

        Grand UniVerse is dedicated to helping our Member Authors become known and to get their work published. We are dedicated to the enlightenment of Humankind and it is through their hard work that such enlightenment will come.

The Grand UniVerse Webring of Philosopher/Scientists Shines
Most Brightly among other such Associations on the Internet!

        As the News Media picks up our Website and Webring, any Scientific, Sociological or Spiritual Website affiliated with us will be Publicized as well.

Grand UniVerse Provides for all of its Members,

1. Grand UniVerse provides Free Advertising to over 2000 Literary Agents and Publishers World Wide Every Month to Promote the Creative Work of our Webring Members!

2. Grand UniVerse Blitzes the News Media - Radio, Television and all other News Organizations Worldwide Every Three Months to Spotlight our Webring Members!

3. Grand UniVerse freely provides our Science News Ticker Banner, displaying different Science News Stories every day, to all of our Webring Members - an Innovative Promotional Tool for all Member Websites - You can even insert your Own Headlines and Links - a must have!

See it in Action! - http://primordality.com/links_page.htm#links

4. Grand UniVerse provides Free Advice and Software Tools for enhancing your Website. Our Website Wizardry Page containing 1000's of Hand Picked Links to Free Tutorials, Software, _javascript_s, Graphics, Etc., will be immediately sent to you upon being accepted into the Grand UniVerse Webring.

5. Grand UniVerse provides Unlimited Free Personal Interactive Dialogue to help with Website Design and Appeal.

6. The Grand UniVerse Webring provides Unlimited Exposure to Millions of Potential Hits to your Website through the Promotional Webring Navigation Bars that every Webring Member displays!

7. Grand UniVerse Freely Publishes Essays and Poetry of Webring Members at our UniVersal Mind Section - Take a look at http://primordality.com/universal_mind.htm

All Grand UniVerse Webring Benefits
Are Absolutely Free!

        Grand UniVerse is also looking for Contributing Editors to enhance the readability of the Online book,

"The Grand UniVerse of Primary Consciousness"
"The Sorcerer's Handbook to the Void"

        If you are an author and would like to try your hand at online or offline editing and if your revisions are accepted you will receive credit as a Contributing Editor in the Online version and in the Printed on Paper Version as well.

Join the Most Prestigious Webring on the Internet
Grand UniVerse!

Registration takes about 5 minutes and
All Benefits are Absolutely Free!

To Become a Member of Grand
UniVerse, Please Visit

Certain applicants may be denied membership pursuant to site inspection.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Yours truly,

Michael Spirit

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