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Addition to the contrib directory: pcvsdiff.m4

From: Didier FORT
Subject: Addition to the contrib directory: pcvsdiff.m4
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 18:21:29 -0600


    I adapted `pdiff.m4' written by Akim to create `pcvsdiff.m4'. The
    goal of this small script is to print the output of `cvs diff'
    using `a2ps'.

    I removed some options from `pdiff' and added one: --cvs, to
    allow things like:

    pcvsdiff --cvs='-r 1.1 -r 1.4' myfile.cc -- -Pdisplay

    I did not have the time to create a man page, sorry.

    I hope it'll be useful to somebody.

Attachment: pcvsdiff.m4
Description: Binary data

    I'm also attaching the resulting shell script, in case you don't
    want to mess up with the makefiles...

Attachment: pcvsdiff
Description: Binary data

    Thank you for your attention.

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