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RE:Do you offer free software on your Website?

From: FindFreeStuff.net
Subject: RE:Do you offer free software on your Website?
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 16:10:46


I have visited a few Web sites including yours  and felt that 
you might be interested in submitting your link to our Website. 
We are about to launch a new Website called FindFreeStuff.net 
and invite you to list your Website URL
with us. We are the final development stages and the formal launch 
of the site will be in 2 weeks.

We are offering 1000 FREE banner impressions on the top banner 
spot as an incentive to the first 50 Website that submit a link. 
We have been given an advertising budget for this Website and 
will be advertising the Website through various channels from 
Internet to television. 

We ask nothing in return but a linkback would be extremely appreciated. 
If you're interested simply visit http://www.findfreestuff.net
and submit your link.

Thank you very much for your time.

Edwin Huertas

P.S. This is a one time mailing. You will never receive another 
email from me or findfreestuff.net unless you request it.
If I have emailed you in error please forgive me you will never 
get another email from me again.

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