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Friend Opportunity in E- Business

From: downline
Subject: Friend Opportunity in E- Business
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 03:01:21 -0400

Within the last few days you were at a web site expressing interest in starting 
an internet business.

We would like you to visit www.gmt101.com (id # 100102440) and find out why 
gmt! is taking the internet by storm!

We have introduced a tool that is FREE and puts CASH into your pocket 

The tool is the foundation for any Internet company, and most people don't even 
know it exists.

Who are we?  We are NOT just another "Me Too" company.

We are a group of business owners, entrepreneurs, networkers, IT professionals, 
corporate executives, customer service representatives, home-based business 
guru's, and home management technicians who have 
collectively decided to create a different company. 

Come and see for yourself how you can cash in on the internet!

To your Success!

EXCITING OFFER! To Receive A FREE Internet Relationship-Building Pro Auto 
iRESPONDER System, you may use my FREE gift offer number: 100102440. To 
Register, GO TO http://www.gmt101.com. 

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