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Important Rate Adjustments for callers to Africa

From: Victor CEO
Subject: Important Rate Adjustments for callers to Africa
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 14:27:21 -0400

Dear Kasuku Kard Client; CC: Prospective Clients,


As you may know, the rates on the calling card went up on June 25th, 2002. Our manufacturer had decided to raise rates to 0.21 Cents/Minute to call Kenya. This totaled 24 minutes for a $5 card and 48 minutes for a $10 card based on one complete call. A major complaint from manufacturers across the board is that their costs have increased tremendously and they are forced to raise prices. We at Kenyanmarket.com have the ultimate need to bring our customers the best rate possible on the market, so that our customers don’t waste valuable time shopping for the cheapest rate.

Like all calling cards, Prices are subject to change without notice. However, we recognize the continued need to hold prices down, so we embarked on a serious campaign to lobby for a PRICE REDUCTION AND WE WON!!!… The Kasuku Kard  has now negotiated a 0.15 Cents/Minute to Kenya RATE effective immediately; which is even MUCH BETTER THAN THE PREVIOUS 0.21 Cents/Minute and the prior 0.16 cents/minute RATE to call Kenya based on ONE completed call.


Please visit the Kasuku Kard site and shop the new rates. We are doing our best to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Best Regards;


CEO Victor Omoyi  > Kenyanmarket.com


(View Rates to other African Nations, Click Here) or copy and paste the URL http://www.kenyanmarket.com/Rates.htm

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