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From: Agama Ogar
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2002 17:54:38

Date:August 02,2002

Dear sir

Urgent, secret and confidential business proposal

I am Dr. Agama Ogar, a former presidential liaison officer for the late 
Nigerian head of state; general Sani Abacha I once worked at the oil minerals 
producing areas development commission as its Director-general.

 This all important commission is now defunct and its functions have been taken 
over by the Niger delta development commission (NDDC) again I have the honour 
of being the interim director general of this new commission. Indeed my 
antecedents as someone who has been involved in all the past military 
governments that have ruled Nigeria in the last fifteen years and my current 
position in the incumbent civilian government makes me a very good front for 
almost all the retired army generals who I now act as fronts for. 

 The truth is that one of these retired generals who once served as a minister 
under general abacha`s administration has the sum of fifty million united 
states dollars (us$50,000,000) which he wants to siphon outside the country 
.the money itself arose from an over-invoiced contract performed for the 
federal government in one of the agencies under one of the ministries which was 
under the arm bit of the general when he was a minister under general Abacha. 
We have done all the spadework that had to be done to move the  $50,000,000. 
out of Nigeria. And as i write this piece, the fifty million USD has been moved 
out of Nigeria and is now in the custody of a prime European bank under the 
aegis of the overseas credit commission which is an agent of the federal 
government domiciled somewhere in Europe.

What we therefore need is for you to nominate a name in which a certified 
international banker's draft drawn on a prime European bank would be made out. 
Note that we are civil servants who do not have the time to do the   necessary 
running in Europe and this has necessitated our decision to contact you. The 
$50,000,000 will be shared between your good self and our selves in the ratio 
of 20% to you for your assistance, 75% to us the Nigerians and 5% is earmarked 
to cover all the expenses that could arise in the course of prosecuting the 
proposed business.

You are therefore to revert back to us on email:address@hidden In the same vein 
you are advised to include in your reply confidential  fax and telephone 
numbers and or email address on which we can reach  you  remember the said 
transaction requires a high level of secrecy and  confidentiality and you
Are expected to treat it as such..
  Hoping to hear from
Kindest regards.
 Dr. Agama Ogar

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