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Quick Cash!

Subject: Quick Cash!
Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2002 18:09:27 -0700


We all know that you work hard for yourself, and your family.  You spend hours 
toiling away, and sometimes feeling unappreciated.  We know how hard you work, 
and we feel that you need a rest.  

Take some time away from thinking about the next day on the job, and start 
thinking sunning by the beach.  Drinking a mai tai, as you watch the sun set.  
Relax for a moment, and step away from the hustle and bustle.

Orlando, Florida – the most amazing vacation spot you’ll find in this country, 
with dozens of theme parks to choose from.  For a couple or for the whole 
family, Orlando, is the spot for you.

Pasco County, Florida – a part of the “nature coast” near Tampa Bay, offers a 
more pristine, and natural surrounding.  Snorkel in the reefs (one made up of 
surplus military tanks), or golf to your hearts content.

Atlanta, Georgia – quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations 
around, Atlanta offers warm Southern hospitality, a skyline that will rival New 
York, shopping comparable to Beverly Hills, and a nightlife 

that will have you dancing in your seat.  All this with instant access to some 
of the greenest and most pristine natural environment around.

Must be US resident, and 18-years-old.  Please respond back with your name and 
phone number.

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