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Inserting ascii text into PostScript FORM

From: Y.P.S
Subject: Inserting ascii text into PostScript FORM
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 13:12:51 -0400

Good day!

Could someone help me about inserting ASCII text into postscript form?

I have a form converted from PCL to postscript. After conversion, the
postscript files mirrors the PCL form perfectly.

My application requires that a pre-formated ASCII text data to be
inserted in the Postscript form where each field should be correctly
displayed within the form. I cannot get the ASCII text to align and
merge correctly. Right now it works in PCL format perfectly. The ASCII
files has blank line and blanks between field in order to align with the
form. It has 63 lines and 97 characters per lines . I cannot get 12
characters per inch to work with  "a2ps".

Here's what have done so far:

1. I converted the postscript form  from the form generator Elixir

2. Pint the postscript form and compare to the PCL and matches

3. Convert the ascii text to postscript and EPS

   a.       a2ps --column=1 --portrait --no-header --borders=no
--user-option=lp  --major=rows
           --chars-per-line=97  dataj137.txt -o dataj137.ps

   b.        ps2epsi dataj137.ps   dataj137.eps

4. Convert the  postscript form to EPS

     ps2epsi  formj137.ps  formj137.eps

5. I merge the EPS form with the EPS data

      a2ps --column=1 --portrait --no-header --borders=no formj137.eps
dataj137.eps -o combine.ps


I just cannot get it to work.

Please can someone help me?

Best regards,

Y. Patrick...

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