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contract to supply

From: ralmejrin
Subject: contract to supply
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 09:40:14 -0700

Attention: ,

I am writing to solicite for your cooperation in a multi million dollars international contract supply for the Government of Kuwait. I am a foreigner working under the Government of Kuwait, but was opportuned to bid for the contract with a small company name I established for the contract purpose. The contract has been won, but due to my status and the limited nature of my company in fullfilling the contract supplies, I am contacting you to stand in as my foreign sub-contractor partner so that the contract entitlement would be released to you and or your company.

For your information, the contract value was over inflated by 30% and the Kuwait Ministry Of Finance approved the payment, so we would be willing to pay you for your assistance by means of commission from the over inflated sum.
If you can be relied upon and trusted in representing my companies interest as my beneficiary, then kindly contact me immediately via this email address and provide me with your Direct Telephone and Fax Numbers, exclusive email address, including full details of your company and personal profile so that I can evaluate how to incoporate your company as the sub-contractor fund reciever. As soon as I receive the information, I shall contact you and discuss the immediate commencement of the project. Please bear in mind that time is of great essence in this business.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation as I expect your swift response in the above subject.

R. Al-Mejrin.
SII International.

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