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Re: cover page question

From: earthur
Subject: Re: cover page question
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 20:17:10 +0000

Are you sure a2ps is inserting that page?
Is it 'lp' or 'lpr' (not sure what happens on OSX).

Does it show up with "-P display" too?
(You might need Ghostscript).

Also FYI there is a 4.13 out there...

> Anybody out there?   this is a pretty quiet list  :-)
> I use a2ps (ibook - OSX:10.1.5; a2ps version 4.12) to do most of my 
> printing - works fine!
> It prints a "cover page" with each print job containing:
>       User:
>       Host:
>       Class:
>       Job:
> I'd like to turn this off - I can't see where it's been turned on. 
> "a2ps --list=options" doesn't show anything I recognize.
> Any suggestions?

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