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Problem with --margin

From: Otto Matejka
Subject: Problem with --margin
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 19:15:06 +0100
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I've got the following problem and appreciate every comment about it:

I have a Deskjet 6122 and want to use a2ps for printing. I use the predefined medium "A4dj" because in "A4" the output area is larger than my printer is capable of printing. This works ok without the option "--margin".

When I use the option "--margin" the font of the postscript output is decreased to compensate the lost space for the binding margin. Now the problem for me is that the first line of the printed text has not the same position as without the "--margin" parameter, but starts prematurely and its upper half is not printed.

The difference of the vertical position can also be seen with ghostscript/ghostview: I saved the a2ps postscript output generated with and without the "--margin" option. After opening both files with ghostview, the file that was generated with the "--margin" option has a smaller upper margin.

Do I have to define another medium in a2ps.cfg to correct this? This would be very hard to use.

My knowledge in Postscript is very little, but my view is that a2ps should correct the starting position of the text when used with option "--margin".

Does anyone know where the problem is? Any help or comment is welcome!

Many thanks in advance!


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