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add fonts in a2ps

From: donatella . goffi
Subject: add fonts in a2ps
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 11:40:30 +0000

I'm using a2ps on a Redahat 7.3 to convert different files in a .pdf files.It's
works but now I need to use a specific font, I try using prologue file and
it works with postscript fonts but I don't' know how to convert that font
a font that works with a2ps:

Typeface Family
Courier Primary Pitch               16.66 (#Characters/inch)
Primary Spacing             Fixed
Primary Height              8.5 (#Points)
Primary Style               Upright (Solid)
Primary Font Stroke Weight  Medium

Thank you in advance for your soon answer,

Donatella Goffi

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