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Gene DNA Screening Analysis Test Kit

From: Ann Richmond
Subject: Gene DNA Screening Analysis Test Kit
Date: 26 Feb 2003 09:55:03 -0600

Nutri-Physical Gene SNP DNA Screening Analysis

Imagine! Your health and lifestyle considerations can actually be addressed by examining your own unique individual makeup. Modern genetic science research can now provide an individual with customized nutritional program and lifestyle recommendations based on refined genetic profiling through DNA analysis. A major component of chromosomes, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) contains the genetic code of individual hereditary characteristics and instructions for the structural composition and function of the human body.

Your journey of self-discovery begins with an analysis of this genetic code from a DNA sample you provide through a simple test procedure that can be conducted either in your home or place of business along with select information you submit in a questionnaire. The Nutri-Physical Gene SNP DNA Screening Analysis can provide you with valuable information on the relationship between your own unique genetic profile and potential health challenges that could be effectively met through advanced nutritional supplementation. It is affordable and the results will remain accurate for your entire lifetime because your genes do not change.

Human Genetics, Simplified

We are fundamentally unique individuals due to a complex organization of cellular structures that form the human genome found in the nucleus of every cell in our bodies. Inside the genome there are intricately coiled threads of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) which house the comprehensive set of instructions for all cellular structures and activities. Through its transmitting agent RNA, DNA controls and accurately replicates the heritable characteristics of all organisms. Each long DNA molecule is packaged into a chromosome and contains a specific sequence of genes that function as the primary physical and functional units of heredity and house the information required for constructing proteins.

DNA's Role in Optimal Health

DNA reveals to us how living organisms can pass information along to their offspring. When couples decide to have children, the DNA of both parents determines the inherited characteristics of their offspring. Single genes have been identified through DNA research that are associated with a number of health challenges. Research is now concentrated on discovering how genes interact with environmental factors including nutrient intake in causing certain diseases.

It is now possible to analyze an individual's genetic structure and determine the need for lifestyle and nutritional changes necessary to maintain optimal health. This is the basic principle underlying the Nutri-PhysicalTM Gene SNP DNA Screening Analysis. Your DNA information is crucial to determining who you are as an individual human being, your risk areas for sub-optimal health, and how you can improve the quality of your life through the application of cutting-edge science!

The information gathered through the questionnaire and the submission of your DNA sample produced by rubbing a simple cotton swab on the inside of your cheek puts into motion a sophisticated operation with one ultimate purpose in mind - improving the health, wellness and quality of life of a single individual. Millions of dollars of advanced technology and experienced analytical researchers work for you in this endeavor that ultimately delivers to you the best nutritional formulas and recommended lifestyle enhancements that will strengthen your bodily systems to maintain health as you age. The key to improving your health and well-being now lies directly within you! It's a matter of reading and understanding your specific (unique) genetic code.

Take a Closer Look at What Makes You a Unique Individual

Since 1989, leading scientists worldwide have been engaged in mapping the sequence of the tens of thousands of genes that form human DNA, the very building blocks of life. This research has opened the door to understanding the relationship between genetics and an individual's health. This information, coupled with your DNA sample, can provide you the most advanced information for managing key aspects of your health and well-being.

Your Own Unique Health Program

The Nutri-Physical Gene SNP program provides the blueprint for optimizing your health. Your genes govern how your metabolic pathways digest and dispose of nutrients and toxins within your body. Your health is based, in part, on how this process interacts with environment and lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, stress, smoking, and alcohol.

An examination of specific genes and their subtle variations called SNPs can lead to revelations concerning specific and realistic modifications that you can make for maintaining good health. The Nutri-Physical Gene SNP DNA Screening Analysis offers you the opportunity to reassess your unique gene system in light of utilizing the latest discoveries in molecular genetics.

Ann Richmond
800-211-1202 x16158
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