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From: Derek.Olson
Subject: Confirmation
Date: Fri, 02 May 2003 07:07:07 -0700

Confirmation for address@hidden

Please confirm that you would like updates of my work.

We have decided to add this 'double opt-in' system because some prankster 
decided it would be fun to add a bunch of people without their permission or 
knowledge.  This event has led me to answer angry emails all week instead of 
carving.  All I want to do is carve and share my work with those who can feel 
it and receive the light.  Nobody wants more useless email, and I certainly 
have no desire to share my work and ideas with anyone who has no interest.

Reply to this email and type 'Yes Please' in the body and you will be added.  
Do nothing and you will be forgotten.

Derek Olson
Tristan Woodworks
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

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