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[wreq #57235] Systems Support Online Autoreply

From: Support Online
Subject: [wreq #57235] Systems Support Online Autoreply
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 03:25:04 -0700

###DO NOT attempt to reply to THIS message### (unless you first 
remove the word "Autoreply" from the Subject line; 
otherwise your reply will be silently rejected!).

Your request concerning "Thank you!"
has been received.  Please include [wreq #57235] at the start
of the Subject line in any further email about this topic.

You may track the progress of this request by visting its web page,

  http://rtfm.cs.washington.edu/cgi-bin/wreq/req?show-all-1-57235 .

The web page also provides a means to add additional information.

Requests emailed to address@hidden are entered into a 
Request/Problem Tracking System (WREQ) described in
http://www.cs.washington.edu/lab/sw/uwcsewreq.html .
They are assigned a "normal" priority.

If your problem is urgent and immediate action is needed, 
please use the support request entry form, which is linked 
from the Support web page:


The support office hours are as follows:

     Monday - Friday   9am - 7pm (9am - 5pm Summer)
     Saturday - Sunday 9am - 5pm

We can give immediate attention to urgent requests only 
during regular office hours.

Links on the Support page also allow you to track the 
status of your support requests, look up FAQs, and find 
other useful information to help solve problems.  

A "Support" link can be found on the "Information for
Students" and "Information for Faculty/Staff" pages.

Autoreply messages such as this one are not sent if the
support request entry form is used.

reply via email to

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