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landscape output from a2ps appears upside down in gv

From: Michal Szymanski
Subject: landscape output from a2ps appears upside down in gv
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 11:40:06 +0100
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I've noticed that any "landscape" output from a2ps gets displayed upside
down in 'gv' - one has to change (in 'gv') to 'seascape' to get it

I though maybe it is 'gv'-related problem but, TeX files containing 
"\special{landscape}" processed by tex/latex and dvips appear 'normally'
in 'gv'. Both (a2ps and tex/dvips) output files have 
%%Orientation: Landscape
line in the Postscript preamble.

Trying to find some help on the net I got into Debian Linux
HTML-ed version of a2ps.info
referring to some mysterious 4.49 version of a2ps that I could not find
elsewhere. This docs mention "--orientation" option which can take
270/-90 value to specify "upside-down landscape a.k.a. seascape" which
could solve the problem. Unfortunately my a2ps (4.13) does not recognize
such an option.

Is there any simple way to fix this problem? No big deal, I know, but
somewhat annoying, having to manually switch to "seascape" in 'gv' every
time one wants to look at a2ps landscape (most common, as "-2" layout is
the default) output.

any help would be appreciated,

regards, Michal.

  Michal Szymanski (address@hidden)
  Warsaw University Observatory, Warszawa, POLAND

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