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Re: formatting question

From: Jan Willem Knopper
Subject: Re: formatting question
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 10:42:20 +0100
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Warren Pollans wrote:
> Hello,
> Please feel free to point me elsewhere if this is not the appropriate 
> place to ask this question.
> I have text files that I generate on the fly from database tables.  
> I've decided that they would look better if some groups of words were 
> in boldface.  The words are not fixed "keywords" but can be found using 
> a regex of the form ^pattern1(.*)pattern2$ so that $1 (or \1 ?) 
> contains the word(s) I want print in bold.  What's the easiest way to 
> have a2ps do this?  It seems like I should be able to write a simple 
> .ssh file to this but I can't figure it out.

If you want to make a style sheet for your type of text files then you
can make pattern1 bold with a regex P-rule (pretty printing rule). The
example from the stylesheet info pages is:

 (/^([a-zA-Z0-9_]*)([\t ]*:)/, \1 Label_strong, \2 Plain)

which is made to highlight the a_rule of a `Yacc' rule:

     a_rule : part1 part2 ;

This rule can also be found in slightly different form in the file
yacc.ssh in the stylesheets directory (which for me is

I hope this helps,

Jan Willem

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