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OSX printing to hp812c

From: Warren Pollans
Subject: OSX printing to hp812c
Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 21:09:38 -0500


I don't believe that this a an a2ps problem - but thought I'd ask here - hoping that someone had already solved this problem.

I'm trying to use a2ps to print to my HP812C deskjet printer - from my ibook (10.2.8). I had been able to print with a2ps to this printer when it was connected to my linux box - then I connected the ibook to the linux box via local ethernet. I have no trouble printing to a network printer (HP laserjet 4050). I can also print from OSX apps to this printer.

I am unable to print a test file to this printer via a2ps - lpr works fine, although that's not what I want. I am also unable to "lpr <postscript file saved froma2ps" to this printer. Someone has suggested that it needs ghostscript - so I installed "ESP Ghostscript 7.05" - but this hasn't helped.

I was using the a2ps (4.13) built via fink. I have also built a2ps from source. I get the same results with both - so I guess I must be missing what it is that allows printing of postscript files on this printer - who does that?.

Any suggestions are welcome.



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