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Rest & Recuperation Retreats Ltd

From: David Louw
Subject: Rest & Recuperation Retreats Ltd
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 16:44:37 +0200

 Rest & Recuperation Retreats Ltd 
        Reg no: 97/02593/06
                                                        04 June 2004

Personal / Private / Confidential

Subject: The placement of 50 Million unlisted shares in Rest & Recuperation
Retreats Ltd. (Medical 
        And General Tourism at ten cents (ZAR) per share: 
10 South African cents per share = 0.02 US Dollar, 0.02 Australian Dollar,
0.01 Euro and 
 0.01 British Pound Sterling:

Dear Sir or Madam: address@hidden

Having been established in 1997, Rest & Recuperation Retreats* (specialising
in medical and general tourism), has undergone an in-depth research and
development phase.

Our National and International expansion programme (now affecting 136
countries) was officially launched in November 2003.
Our next step is to apply for a listing on the Johannesburg Securities
Exchange, (Altx).

Being described as one of the most exciting listings to happen on the JSE,
due to the fact that it is the first ever tourism entity to list in South
Africa, the investment community  is looking forward to a phenomenal opening
price of the share as well as sustained growth, due to the international
expansion programme, which is backed by large international companies.

Attached please find our Executive Summary for your perusal and comments.
The minimum share allotment is US$500.00 (Five Hundred US Dollars). Closing
date: 7/7/2004 

Enclosed please find the details of our transfer secretaries and banking

Maxi Brokers Ltd.
Business Northern Peninsula
Branch Number: 118602
Account Number: 1186024372

We look forward to your positive participation in this exciting
International tourism venture.

Kind Regards

Rudi Rebstein

P.S. This is not a public offering.
*Subsidiary of the MouldMed Group founded in 1994.


Rest & Recuperation Retreats Ltd is a full subsidiary of the Medical &
General Tourism MouldMed Group of companies.  Moulded Medical Supplies Ltd
was founded in 1994.

With the listing of the holding company in 1997, new needs were identified
by our  ±4 000 medical doctors / shareholders such as: Placement of medical
professionals nationally and internationally, Medical General Tourism, etc.

The well-known websites www.4traveltoafrica.com and www.restrretreats.com
were created. RRR Ltd was incorporated in 1997 and for the past 7 years a
great deal of research and development has been done. Constant improvement
and updating of the websites are being done.  The websites are constantly
improved and updated.

We are in a favourable position today, because of our unique circumstances
here in South Africa such as:
* Our neutral political stand;
* SA being the 11th top international tourism destination 
* Ten years of democracy (freedom) that makes us one of the best investment
and tourism countries of the world;
* Rest & Recuperation Retreats Ltd and its regional companies are creating
enormous job opportunities. Over the next 2 years due to the national and
international expansion program of our unique, practical marketing strategy,
it will be one of the best business opportunities.

RRR Ltd in South Africa provides international and national patients with a
unique opportunity to have the African experience and to have the privilege
to undergo medical procedures in 5-star private hospitals anywhere South
Africa. Recuperation of the medi-tourist can take place at a location of
their choice.

We cater for all patients across the board including the upper echelon of
the market, due to our structured network of alliance associations with
companies and organisations such as South African Airways, Dimension Data,
Alexander Forbes, Nashua and the Western Cape Trade & Investment Promotion
Agency (Wesgro), etc. Any other related companies are most welcome to
contact us for participation.

These services are offered to tourists in a comfortable, convenient, cost
effective and safe environment. 

With our unique seminar selling concept, we the opportunity to expand
relatively quickly to 50 regional areas all over Southern Africa, and
internationally.  We focus intensely on local as well as International
training.  We support the cultural exchange programme where black tour
guides can be trained internationally for local input.

With our company's BEE policy, we focus on transformation as a No. 1
priority, not just in RRR Ltd SA, which is the Licensor, but with our ±50
regional private companies as well.

Utilising modern 21st century modern technology, we are currently
revolutionising the medical and general tourism in South Africa and

We currently have ±9 000 active guesthouses on our database in South Africa.
We have ±4 000 doctors as shareholders, as well as ±190,000 medical staff on
databases in the United Kingdom.

12% of SA has now being declared nature and wild reserve.

We have built up a strong working relationship with most embassies

Unshackling South Africa's Economic Potential 
1994 -2004 : A Decade of Freedom

Approaching the first decade of democracy in 2004, we are proud to announce
the following achievements:

a) Since 1994, South Africa's economy has undergone the longest period of
sustained year-on-year growth since 1945.

b) Since 1994, Government debt has steadily been repaid, and budget deficits
have been reduced to between 2% and 3% - something not even France and
Germany are able to achieve today.

c)      The South African economy has turned dramatically outward, accepted
the pain of lowering tariffs and cutting costs to become globally
competitive, and become a world-class trading nation based on value-added
manufacturing, rather than on just the export of raw commodities.

c) We now have more trading links with more nations than at any time in our
history, giving us ever-more-diversified markets.

In summary, although we still have a lot to do to grow our economy even
faster, we have such to be proud of.

Having successfully secured the 2010 Soccer-bid, we will see monetary
injections in excess of R150 Billion just on our tourism side.

The need to uplift the level of training of the individual in SA has moved
government to set aside R8 Milliard to assist training in SA and to ensure
ongoing training.

Let us remember that as we celebrate our first decade of freedom.

For more information regarding the operations and services please refer to
www.restrretreats.com as well as 4traveltoafrica.com.

Kind regards

Rudolf Rebstein

1. Corporate Advisors:          2.      Attorneys:
        MaxiBrokers Ltd         Malherbe Hanekom
        Office 1 Ground Floor           297 Durban Road
      Edward III Building               Bellville,7530
        64 - 67 Edward Street           Cape Town, South Africa
        Bellville, 7530         Tel:  (021) 919-0700
        Cape Town, South Africa         Fax:  (021) 919-0701
        Tel:  (021) 910-4356/7          Contact Person: Mr JJ Tubb
        Fax:  (021) 910-4358
        Contact Person: Advocate Wilhelm Smit

3. Auditors:    4.  Bankers:
Aucamp & Van der Merwe          ABSA
53, First Avenue                Oxford House
Boston          Cnr Wellington & Oxford Streets
Bellville, 7530         Durbanville, 7550
Tel:  (021) 945-1961            Cape Town, South Africa
Fax:  (021) 945-4160            Tel: (021) 970-3900
Contact Person: Mr Zulch vd Merwe               Fax: (021) 976-0041
                Contact Person: Mr Jacco De Vormer

14 Rust & Vrede Business Square, 21 Church street, Durbanville, Cape Town
Tel: +27 21 9751170, Fax: +27 21 9752108, E-mail: address@hidden
Web addresses: www.4traveltoafrica.com and www.restrretreats.com 

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