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maybe I can help?

From: Michelle Beaver
Subject: maybe I can help?
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:42:59 +0500

Hey, how's it going?  Me and John were talking about
you last week at the office (all good things, I swear!)
and he said you might be interested in getting your
own house.  I work for a huge realty company so he
gave me your email and asked me to send you a quick
message.  Anyways, the company I work for is so big
that they can help almost anybody, even if you've got
nothing to put down and terrible crediit, it doesn't
matter.  Hope I'm not out of line in sending you
this message but I'm just trying to help.  Why don't
you go to my website and fill out the quick form
so I can find out more about your situation, then I'll
give you a call tomorrow and let you know what I can
do for you.  Here's the link, just type it into
your browser: http://www.egetmtg.biz/a6/index.php
Pretty much no matter what kind of situation you're
in, I can help. I'm not Harry Houdini but I'm pretty
damn close :)  Hey, if you see John this week, please
give him my regards! Here's the site again:
http://www.egetmtg.biz/a6/index.php   See you later!

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