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Lose weight now.

From: Bonita kilgore
Subject: Lose weight now.
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 2004 10:12:21 -0500

We've tried to include features in the program for students with many 
disabilities. I needed Spanish in my classroom, so Spanish was added. I wanted 
something to engage students who are not interested in language, thus musical 
interludes and movement were incorporated. I wanted to be able to change the 
prompts (music,movements, etc.) on-the-fly. We wanted to provide for those 
requiring augmentative communication device and so the Mayer-Johnson symbols 
are included and can morph from the photographs. I wanted a cause-and-effect 
program for my students who didn't understand the automatic scan. The 
Switch-On-Picts activity was developed. We realized more types of scans would 
be advantageous. Three types of scanning routines have been added. I wanted 2 
and 3 piece puzzles. Here they are. One of my parents wanted Dr. Seuss types of 
stories with real pictures. We wrote some 'ditties' and here's StoryTime.
Did Anthony miss running?

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