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Super fast acting SoftTab VlAGRA through us

From: arching
Subject: Super fast acting SoftTab VlAGRA through us
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 05:22:53 -0500

New Softtabs! the Viagra that disolves under the tongue!!

Simply place 1 half a pill under your tongue, 15 min before sex.
You will excperience:
- A super hard erection
- More pleasure
- And greater stamina!!

We ship world wide, and no prescription is required!!

Even if you're not impotent, Regalis will increase size, pleasure and power!
Give your wife the loving she deserves!!!

We are cheaper supplier on the internet. Retail price is 15ea, =(
our INTERNET price is 2.49 each!!! =)



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