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New message

From: Bagrat
Subject: New message
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 13:57:53 +0400

                          Websites Manufacturing

                              The firm HAYBAG GROUP is one of the leaders in 

                                                                       field of 
constructing websites.

 Our price list is the following: one page is from 30 to 300$ depending on the 
complexity, e.g. if the page contains flash animation, PHP code, interactive 
components or java script. All depends on the wish of the client. The procedure 
of the order is: 

1.      We get a letter from the client with the description, photo materials, 
video information, information connected with the make up of flash block. 

2.      Our designers make up the first trial version of the site and install 
it on our server. Send the client the site link and their suggestions. 

3.      The design of the site is estimated by the client. He sends his 
additional suggestions and wishes if there are any. 

4.      Our programmers determine the price and inform the client. 

5.      If the price is acceptable our programmers complete the work according 
to the client's wishes and install on our server. 

6.      The client estimates the final work and if there are no additional 
wishes, transfers the money on our account. 

7.      We send our suggestions on hosting or the client can do it on his own. 

8.      All the further changes can be performed according to the additional 
worked out payment. 

9.      On the wish of client we can offer dynamic service of the site. The 
price for this service can vary from 30 to 3000$ per month, depending on the 
volume of the work, agreed beforehand. 

Our URL www.daa.am/haybag.

  Mail – address@hidden

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