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From: Alice
Subject: Hello
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005 00:14:13 +0200

http://www.incomemaker.co.uk/?id=25 Sing up for this incredible ofer here
are some more details : 
How it works: 
For a very low joining fee you can receive unlimited random $10 and $10
deposits in your paypal or stormpay account. Plus, if you advertise our
site using your unique member's URL, you will receive $10 for everyone you
refer to us who signs up. When you become a member you pay $10 to one of
our members, $10 to another member and $10 to the administration for upkeep
of the site and advertising. There is a constant supply of new members
joining thanks to our constant advertising. For every one of these who
joins, the computer will RANDOMLY SELECT a current member to receive the
$10 and $10 membership fees. 
Join now and that could be you! 
$10 and $10 payments may not sound like very much, but look at it this way:
We send 1 million plus visitors to this website every month. If 10,000
people see your URL and only 1 out of 10 of those people sign up, that's
1000 people per month each paying you $10 each.  If you send even more
traffic to your URL, your profits would be even more. 
The potential is UNLIMITED.  
*If you don't want to do anything, sit back and enjoy random payments 
*Each new member is given a unique URL so they will receive $10 DIRECTLY
from everybody who follows their link and signs up *Increase your chances
of winning by buying extra rotations *Members download area with great
software and ebooks

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