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I need help.

From: benoit-gagnon
Subject: I need help.
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2005 16:12:32 -0500
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I work for a schoolboard and we don't have enought money to buy a pdf server.

Teachers have to do documents for the students. They do this at home on
Microsoft Office or StarOffice for those who have WINDOWS OS but some teachers
use MAC OS or LINUX OS. These teachers have to send their documents to a
regional printing departement. The problem is that the man who work at this
place cannot have all the programs to print this.

So with ghostscript I can create a pdf but I can't ask to 4000 teachers to
install a postscript printer and upload the postscript file to ghostscript. I
think a2ps can help me but I'm not able to send, for exemple a microsoft word
document to a2ps and have a perfect postscript file at the exit. Could you help

Sorry for my english. I come from Qu├ębec (Canada)


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