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BrandPartners Quietly Climbing Charts

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Subject: BrandPartners Quietly Climbing Charts
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 10:50:34 -0700

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 [Image]April 26, 2005[Image]           [Image]Volume VI, Issue 40[Image]

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  [Image] BrandPartners (OC BB: BPTR), perhaps one of the biggest
          disappointments in terms of price performance this year,
  looks like it wants to start behaving a bit better. Today's edition
  contains a recap of what I believe happened since the company issued
  its outstanding year end financials, and the stock traded down.
  Tomorrow morning I will post a new BLOG entry for current comments and

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   [Image] BrandPartners (OTC BB: BPTR); Coming Back After Some Harsh

  Early channel checks on 1st quarter numbers lead me to believe [Image]
  BPTR will continue it's torrid growth pace in the 1st quarter,
  and deliver a fifth consecutive report demonstrating growth in both
  sales and earnings.

  The company is revolutionizing bank design, and starting to expand
  into other financial services markets.

  On March 19th, BPTR delivered the following outstanding year end

     * '04 Revenues came in at $50.6 million, up 50% from '03's $33.7
       million in revs
     * '04 Earnings came in at $14.2 million; $.39 per share (this
       number is not meaningful as $9 million of the earnings was
       forgiveness of debt)
     * '04 Operating earnings (this is the important number) were $5.1
       million- improving by $16 million over '03.
     * Operating EPS for '04 came in at $.14 per share. This is the
       meaningful number.

  In short, BPTR's revenues grew 50% in '04 to $50.6 million, and the
  company delivered $.14 per share in earnings. Stellar corporate

  If the stock traded at a mere 10x trailing earnings, it would be $1.40

  The day the earnings were released, BPTR traded nearly 2 million
  shares, the highest one day volume since negotiating their debt
  reduction. The stock traded sideways for a day or two, and then
  started down, leaving many shareholders stunned.

  Here's what I believed happened. I believe there were a lot of
  investors waiting for the earnings report to confirm the company's
  performance. I believe many of those people jumped in on the earnings

  On the other side, I believe there had to have been on huge seller
  waiting for the earnings to come out and looking for an exit strategy.
  This stock traded as low as $.19 in '03 when they were nearly
  bankrupt, and about a year ago the company did a financing at $.30-
  this supply might not have been fully absorbed by the market.

  When the seller matched the buyer the stock didn't go up. After a day
  or so it became clear the stock wouldn't be making any new highs on
  the year end numbers, and weak hands began to sell. Combine that
  weakness with a moderate collapse in the market as a whole, and you
  have people selling in a vacuum of buyers.

  [Image] The stock made its bottom at $.76, and now is rebounding
          nicely. As measured from last October's multi month $.50
  level, it is a perfect 61.8% retracement. I had been looking for a
  drop to $.71 to add to the position, which would have been a perfect
  61.8% retracement from last August's low. It would have been
  irresistible at that price.

  The stock is now moving up almost everyday on much lighter volume,
  which suggests an absence of sellers. 1st quarter numbers are due in
  about 3 weeks away, and if history repeats itself, the stock will
  trade up ahead of the numbers.

  For those of you who can't understand why this stock cannot seem to
  achieve a reasonable valuation, a little historical perspective is in

  In the Fall of '03 BPTR was days away from bankruptcy and closing its
  doors forever. The stock was trading at $.05 in August of that same
  year. While a few months might seem like an eternity in the market, in
  reality this stock has been trending up for over 18 months.

  The company has engineered it's turnaround flawlessly, but it may take
  more time for the market to recognize the value. After making it's
  debut on Wall Street, WalMart (NYSE: WMT) doubled in size every year
  for the first three years, but the stock went nowhere. Once Wall
  Street caught on, the stock made a multi year move and turned many
  shareholders into millionaires.

  Set aside the noise and look at the value. As one fund manager who
  owns the stock told me: "I don't sell stocks at PE's of 7 with 50%
  growth rates. I buy them and wait for someone else to pay more".

  It took a month to flush out some weak hands. It looks to me like the
  stock is ready to resume it's climb.



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