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working deal for you

From: Mark
Subject: working deal for you
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 20:54:44 +0000


I have found your e-mail in the Internet and would like to offer you 
partnership. In the beginning I shall be introduced.
My name is Mark. I live in Moldova. I have internet site on sale laptops and it 
gives me good money.
Clients of my site pay for purchase of laptops by many ways, but the most convenient kind 
of payment is "online payment"
(billing). Billing company which gives system online payment takes 25 % from 
each transaction. Billing services the most
convenient for me and clients, but 25 % of commission it is big percent. I asked at billing company to lower percent of commission. They informed that process online payments from 2,5 % up to 25
% depending on economic development of the country of the client and for 
residents of my country they cannot make
commission less than 25 %. If I shall have the partner from economically 
advanced country, in that case the commission
will be reduced to 2,5 %. Consequently I write to you.
I offer you partnership. If you agree to be my partner that billing company 
will reduce percent of commission up to 2,5 %
for my site. I offer you 12,5 % from each transaction.
I love money and with our partnership I shall make more money than made before. 
It is good for us together, and with our
partnership you will make a minimum 10 000 $ monthly.
Our partnership will not take a lot of time also does not demand special 
education because all work will be made by my
I think that is difficult to make any decision but please answer me and I shall 
give you more detailed information.

PLEASE, WRITE TO ME BACK: address@hidden

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